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Our mission is to innovate and progress acoustic design beyond compliance, exceeding client expectations, improving health and well being, and making our built environment more sustainable as a result.

iAcoustics emphasise speaking a language that clients understand, providing practical solutions to acoustics issues.

What is an acoustic Consultant?

Acoustics is a discipline that features elements of science, engineering, and design.

In regards to building projects, acoustic consultants can provide design input, noise impact assessments and sound insulation testing.

In regards to the environment and planning, the acoustician is involved in activities such as predicting noise impact from development such a motorway, powerplant, or factory.

In critical projects where noise break-in or breakout or room acoustics are a significant concern (Recording studios, theatres, exhibitions, educational facilities), the involvement of acoustic consultants ensures a successful outcome.


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iAcoustics is renowned across Ireland for a  practical and pragmatic approach to acoustic design and consultancy. This is down to expertise in the design and construction of buildings/spaces and acknowledgement of the project’s/client’s limitations (size, time, budget etc).

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