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Recording Studio Builder UK & Ireland

The acoustic brains behind iAcoustics led to the development of a separate company for building recording studios.

After 10 year of research and development, Smart Studio was born. Smart Studio takes all the tasks that would be traditionally performed by an acoustician, architect, M&E consultant, qua surveyor, project manager etc. and rolls them into one comprehensive package.

Smart Studio doesn’t sell furniture or equipment, it simply makes the host space to a high standard.


Smart Studio was developed as a studio builder here in Ireland, but most of our projects to date have been carried out on the UK. We have built several recording studios in London, and the whole framework behind Smart Studio allows this ease of movement. For a studio build in London completed recently, the team ensured the specific materials were in in enough quantities at home base. Then, the truck was loaded up (low emissions), and the ferry was used to reach mainland UK, from there the truck made its way to London, and began the simple process of building out the brand new studio, complete with electrics, air, and fabrics.


Depending on your experience, the term “builder”, can engender some fear. Value engineering and poor acoustic build ups can cause big problems in sound insulation and room acoustics. The builders that work as part of the Smart Studio team have been working on these kinds of projects for years and know how to make a good studio. The build team works in the same warehouse as the design team, so any bespoke elements to the design are tested before anything is built on-site. This allows for consistent results every time in achieving Smart Studios flat response. It’s really something to hear.


Often there are up to 30% of build materials wasted on on-site and the same is especially true for recording studio builds. You must do a lot of planning and research to get it just right and it has been shown that off-site construction is a proven winner when it comes to waste control. that’s exactly what Smart Studio have done. Precision Factory cutting has led to minimal wastage, and whatever is not used can be recycled efficiently as home base, rather than on site where these things can be uncertain.


Building recording studios can be so complex.

Smart Studio prides itself on excellent room acoustics with integrated services in which any equipment and furniture can easily be configured. It’s a really clean and simple service, very competitively priced for what you get. For more on the pricing, try our cost estimator, to see how much your recording studio could cost.

For specialist audio facilities perfect for recording live and controls rooms, post production studios, radio studios, podcast studios or anywhere else critical audio architecture is required , speak to Smart Studio.