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Air Traffic Noise: Planning In Co Meath

Every planning application for a residential building in Co. Meath must consider the effects of air traffic noise on the development. Meath County Council are now insisting that noise mitigation measures are employed so that air traffic noise does not impact on the health and quality of life of future residents.

‘Requests for Further Information’ from the local authority following a planning application will result in delays to the project. The most effective way to ensure against such delays in the planning process is to provide the local authority with all the relevant information from the get-go.

iAcoustics welcome such measures. Noise pollution is one of the most dangerous pollutants to human health, second to air pollution only. As described in the World Health Organisation’s Environmental Noise Guideline’s for the European Region 2018, the burden of disease from environmental noise for cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in children, sleep disturbance, tinnitus and annoyance is severe. Persistent low levels of noise create low levels of stress which takes its toll on human health over time. The WHO calculated that in Western Europe alone, 1.6 million healthy years of life have been lost as a result of environmental noise.


With the initial planning application, an air traffic noise impact assessment can be included. Such an assessment involves a noise survey of the proposed site, a review of Dublin Airport noise contour maps, predictions on the future expected air traffic noise levels, and advice on how to design a building to mitigate against air traffic noise.

Excess noise puts stress on mental and physical health, but not as much as delays to your planning application!