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Founded in 2001, iAcoustics have been at the forefront of acoustics in Ireland for almost 20 years.

iAcoustics provide expert acoustic consultancy in a range of industries, including architectural firms, building contractors, hospitality businesses, event production companies and more.

We pride ourselves in high customer satisfaction levels and speaking in a language our customers understand.  We avoid the use of “jargon” as much as we can while always ensuring technical accuracy to offer you understandable and actionable outcomes.  


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The Team

Jim Dunne


With over 30 years experience in the field of acoustics ranging from electro acoustics to architectural acoustics, Jim, as senior director of iAcoustics, possess a vast range of knowledge in the field including new build and fit-out projects, education, commercial, industrial, retail and leisure sectors. With a natural flair for management he ensures projects meet all requirements to a high standard. He has excellent communication skills and builds strong relationships with clients, consultants and stakeholders alike.

“When I was about 16 years old, I was in a friends house, and I heard the sound of a set of early Hi-fi speakers. The energy in the bass was amazing; I never heard anything like it before. This triggered my lifelong interest in sound that has led me to work in acoustics. “

Glen Plunkett

MSc Applied Acoustics , AMIOA

Glen is a qualified acoustic consultant with a background in studio recording. Since joining iAcoustics, Glen has been involved in large-scale acoustic projects in the educational, commercial and residential sectors, with particular merits in assisting in the design of low-noise M&E systems. Glen has been commended on his ability to function within a large design team, resolving key acoustic issues quickly and effectively. Key projects include TUD Grangegorman Central & East Quads, Center Parcs,  Opportunity Pavilion Dubai Expo 2020 & PPP Bundle 1 social housing. 

“I have a keen interest in music and architecture; I’d like to think that Acoustics is halfway between the two. I’ve always been acutely aware of acoustics in the built environment: how it’s difficult to understand speech in churches, how I can hear my neighbours and how it’s difficult to concentrate in a noisy environment. It is rewarding to have a say in how future buildings are designed.”

Eoghan TyrRell


Eoghan is a qualified Acoustic Consultant and has been involved in the audio industry for 10 years. His most notable designation is that of M.Phil., Music and Media Technologies, awarded by Trinity College Dublin with a distinction grade.  Eoghan specialises in the prediction of room acoustic parameters. For such predictions, three-dimensional computer models of a space are created in which physical models are then compiled. Such processes provide estimations on parameters such as reverberation time, speech intelligibility, and spaciousness. Key projects include TUD Grangegorman Central & East Quads, Ormond Quay hotel, Mespil Road hotel & Dolphins Barn Re-Development. 

“Growing up as a musician, I was acutely aware of the acoustic influence over the timbre of my instrument. I would gravitate towards the nicer sounding rooms when practising. I had no technical understanding as to why this was, but I did have a musical understanding.

Sitting on the granite kitchen tiles, each note of the prelude would delicately float from one to the next. The deadened character of my bedroom better suited the manic energy of the punk rock vivacissimo.

The quality of my practice was conducted by the architectural composition of the room in which I sat, each room reflecting a different style.

Fast-forward 20 years, I am a terrible musician but a talented acoustician. In my profession, I get to design spaces that support superb musical performances.”

Luke Coffey


Luke is Marketing Strategist and Acoustic Assistant with iAcoustics. With a vast amount of experience in music production, technology, and performance, Luke has a keen understanding of acoustics and sound. Luke and holds a bachelor’s degree in music from NUI Maynooth and a level 8 Higher Diploma in Web Development from Griffith College.