About us

What we do


iAcoustics set out to fill a gap in the market for practical acoustic consultancy services and solutions. Since then we have built up a portfolio of clients and have worked on a wide range of projects over many sectors; from healthcare to education, environmental to residential, performing arts to leisure, broadcasting to post production.

We are renowned for our practical and pragmatic approach to acoustic design. We put this down to our expertise in the design and construction of buildings/spaces and acknowledgement of the project’s/client’s limitations (size, time, budget etc.)

Our Technology


iAcoustics are also integrating advanced acoustic software so as to predict acoustic outcomes of projects. This allows our clients to have a greater degree of understanding and certainty in relation to the outcome of their decisions, and eliminates unforeseen acoustic problems.

Acoustic modelling allows us to predict issues such as sound insulation/ speech privacy, or room acoustics/ speech intelligibility. This technology is particularly useful where acoustics is critical. i.e. in boardrooms and video conference suites, university libraries and lecture theatres, TV & radio broadcasting spaces, court rooms & council chambers

Our Philosophy


Though acoustics is often described as “a dark art”, iAcoustics always endeavors to provide our conclusions and advice in an as accessible manner as possible. We avoid the use of “jargon” as much as we can while always ensuring technical accuracy to offer you understandable and actionable outcomes.  ​