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HVAC & Building services  Noise Control

iAcoustics offer advice to building service engineers and other designers on the prediction, generation and control of noise and vibration from building services systems. Careful acoustic engineering of building services, particularly HVAC systems, is an essential part to any acoustic design

Advanced HVAC Noise Prediction

iAcoustics have established an advanced calculation method for the prediction of sound transmission in ductwork systems which enables designers to produce systems which meet acceptable noise limits, or to ensure that project noise objectives are achieved. Using advanced software technology, a source-path-receiver noise model of the ductwork system can be constructed, allowing us to determine the noise sensitivity of each part of system and recommend cost-effective noise mitigation measures.

Noise Assessments for Outdoor Plant

BS 4142:2014 provides a procedure which allows acousticians to determine the likely impact of a noise of a commercial nature on nearby noise sensitive locations. This British Standard is often seen as part of project’s planning conditions to ensure that noise emissions from outdoor plant do not adversely affect nearby dwellings or businesses. iAcoustics have completed numerous BS 4142:2014 noise assessments for hotel, commercial and hospitality projects. We provide a preliminary acoustic analysis of the proposed mechanical plant during the project’s design stage in partial fulfilment to the pre-commencement planning submission. On-site tests are conducted post-completion in accordance with the Standard to ensure that the requirement is satisfied. 

Plant Enclosure Design

Informed by noise assessments, iAcoustics can provide advice in the design and construction of outdoor plant enclosures. Although noise emission from modern plant has reduced significantly in recent years, for noise sensitive areas such as the inner-city, it is still necessary to install a noise barrier/enclosure in order to achieve most external noise criteria. Our expert knowledge of attenuated louvre systems will ensure a cost-effective solution to solving any noise-related issues, all while maintaining adequate ventilation to plant equipment.

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