Acoustic Design 

Architectural acoustic design is the science and practice of achieving a good sound environment within internal spaces.

Acoustic design can be a critically overlooked aspect of buildings. There are several aspects to achieving a good design, with differing levels of importance depending on the application. 

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What is Acoustic Design?

Sound insulation, room acoustics, and building services noise all fall under this heading. An acoustician can look at all the factors that contribute to meeting the client’s objectives in terms of acoustics and will help the client to understand what the variables are.

Some aspects of acoustic design are not visible. In terms of sound insulation, the acoustician will look at the partition walls, the floors and ceilings, and noise transfer through vibration. The tenant should address these issues at the design phase: Retrofitting for sound insulation is costly and messy.

Some aspects are mechanical: The acoustician will be an expert with building services and can advise on what systems to implement. This is especially important in offices and workplaces, where getting the balance right in terms of mechanical ventilation and noise should be done in collaboration with an acoustician.

Then some aspects are visible. This will always be relative to room acoustics, echo essentially. The acoustician will be up to date on all options for acoustic room treatment, such as acoustic panels, baffles, ceiling tiles and other means of achieving a comfortable sounding space. The acoustician needs to work closely with the architect in this regard, as there is a style aesthetic element involved.

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What qualification is needed to carry out acoustic design? 

All of the iAcoustics’ acousticians are expert in acoustic design and hold masters degrees in applied acoustics and are members of the IOA (Institute of Acoustics). 

We have worked with eventcomm, one of the worlds leading museum and visitor attraction design firms, on many large projects including the award-winning EPIC museum in Dublin and the Dubai Expo. 

We recently completed design in Ireland’s first technological university TUD, a project valued over €250 million. 

REcording Studio Design:

Our studio design-build sister company Smart Studio is one of the leading recording studio designers in Ireland and the UK. Past clients include Technicolor, Jungle Studios, RTE, and many more. Need a recording studio? See Smart Studio.

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