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Building Acoustics

Elevate Spaces with Expert Building Acoustics Consultancy - Enhancing Room Acoustics, Sound Insulation, and M&E Noise Control for Comprehensive Solutions - iAcoustics

Our Services

Expert consultancy

At iAcoustics, the team's expertise as building acoustics specialists extends to diverse settings, encompassing apartments, mixed-use spaces, commercial offices, hotels, healthcare facilities, and film stages.

With a profound understanding of how each critical audio environment should function, iAcoustics expertly curates practical acoustic solutions for each unique project.

Technical Capabilities

  • Experts in EU and British building standards.
  • Mixed-use and residential building design
  • Mechanical noise and vibration control
  • Facade design for sound insulation
  • Interior design for sound insulation
  • Speech intelligibility for offices
  • Theaters, Venues, Film Stages and Recording studios.