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Looking to gain CPD points? iAcoustics are offering free online webinars in the “dark art” of acoustics. There are two webinars available.

  • Basic Building Acoustics
  • Sound Insulation in Residential Buildings (BCAR Part E)

RIAI has accredited our CPD course, so you can be ensured of a high standard of educational content.

Presentations are made by our acousticians Glen Plunkett M.Sc and Eoghan Tyrell MPhil M.Sc.

Architect CPD sound insulation

CPD Option #1 

Sound Insulation in Residential Buildings

This CPD course for architects gives an overview of the BCAR regulations 2014 Part E – Sound Insulation in residential dwellings including standards, Ancillary Certification, Design, Inspection and Testing.


The presentation discusses some of the most commonly occurring issues and key complaints from householders, including inside and outside noise and how these are treated (or not) in the regulations.


Discussed also are partition types, noise sources, best design and build practices all in relation to sound insulation of room partitions and building facades

CPD Option #2

Basic Building Acoustics 


This CPD provides an overview of Acoustics for the built Environment. We will discuss the three core principles of acoustic design: Sound insulation, Sound Absorption & Sound Control, and how we apply these principles to achieve good acoustics in buildings. This CPD is suitable for Architects who work on projects where acoustics is important.  


More specifically, you will learn about:  

  • Sound insulation criteria & performance of separating elements such as walls and floors.  
  • Flanking sound and common construction pitfalls.  
  • Sound absorption and acoustic treatment.  
  • Common reverberation time requirements for internal spaces.  
  • Frequent sources of complaint by building occupants.  
  • Background/ambient noise levels internally.  
  • M&E noise control.  
  • How acousticians interact with the design team to fully realise an acoustic design goal.  


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About our Presenters

Glen Plunkett

MSc Applied Acoustics , AMIOA

Glen has been involved in large-scale acoustic projects in the educational, commercial and residential sectors, with particular merits in assisting in the design of low-noise M&E systems. Glen has been commended on his ability to function within a large design team, resolving key acoustic issues quickly and effectively. 

Eoghan Tyrell


Eoghan is a qualified Acoustic Consultant and has been involved in the audio industry for 10 years. His most notable designation is that of M.Phil., Music and Media Technologies, awarded by Trinity College Dublin with a distinction grade.  

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