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Environmental & Planning

iAcoustics navigates complex projects through planning with expert acoustic design, noise impact assessments, compliance reports, and witness services spanning diverse sectors for noise-related solutions

Our Services

Our Service

iAcoustics has a proven record in serving as Planning Noise Consultants for projects subject to rigorous planning processes. The company specialises in high-complexity, large-scale designs, often necessitating detailed noise considerations. This has established iAcoustics as a reliable partner in effectively navigating diverse project types through noise-related planning stages.

Their comprehensive services encompass acoustic design, compliance reporting, noise impact assessments, expert witnessing, and addressing Requests for Further Information. With expertise spanning multiple sectors, iAcoustics employs advanced modeling software for precise evaluations.

Technical Capabilities

  • Noise Impact Assessments
  • Request for Further Information
  • Environmental Noise Modelling
  • Advanced Precticive Modelling Tools
  • BS4142 Assessments
  • EPA Guidance Note for Noise (NG4, 2016)
  • NRA Good practice for the Treatment of Noise during the Planning of National Road Schemes (2014).