Film Studio Acoustic Design

Sound Stage acoustic design, site surveys, and project management

Film production in the UK and Ireland is experiencing a boom.  Sound Stages are opening in Aylesbury, Dagenham, Liverpool and in many more locations  in the UK.

iAcoustics are uniquely positioned to provide consultancy, site selection expertise, and unique insight into converting industrial units to sound stages. iAcoustics has provided acoustic consultancy and design from conception to delivery on Europe’s largest films studios and sound stages (Troy, Ardmore, amongst others).

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Technical Capabilities 


Site Survey, Suitability Assessment

iAcoustics can help identity a suitable location, measure the potential impact of noise break in and break out, assist in providing reports to obtain planning permission and more.


Architectural Acoustic Design and Inspection

Room acoustics designed to relevant standards, testing carried out to assess works meet specification.


Room Acoustic Modelling

iAcoustics can build a 3D model of a space (using CATT Acoustics and Binauralisation techniques), demonstrating critical room acoustics.  Allows clients to experience and listen to the acoustics of a room before the project begins.


M&E System Design

Analysis and Attenuation of M&E system to achieve necessary low background noise levels of up to NR10.


iAcoustics has an extensive portfolio of acoustic consultancy projects in Ireland and internationally. 

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iAcoustics team are industry leaders in acoustic in Ireland and internationally since 2001. Get in touch with one of the team today for all acoustics projects. 

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Accounts & Finance

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M.Sc, Acoustic Consultant, MIOA

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Acoustic Consultant, CPD Liason

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M.Sc, M.Phil Acoustic Consultant, MIOA

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