Hotel Acoustics

Did you know that the number one source of complaints in hotels worldwide is noise?

Poor acoustic design in hotels can do significant damage to brand reputation, ratings and customer satisfaction, not to mention the health and well-being of guests. No matter how ‘cheap & cheerful’ a hotel or B&B may claim to be, paying guests must always be afforded a restful nights sleep. It has been shown that noise levels inside a bedroom at night exceeding 30dB LAeq can be damaging to health. Careful planning of bedroom layouts tends to go a long way in avoiding noise problems. The design of walls and floors must consider noise transfer between adjacent spaces, the building envelope and glazing specification is also important.  

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Concept and Design

Good acoustic design is always achieved at the infancy of an architectural project. iAcoustics can help you achieve excellent acoustic results at the concept and initial design phase.

iAcoustics can help you to establish acceptable project design criteria.

Room Acoustics

The control of reverberation in conference rooms, restaurants and reception areas in hotels is vital to the functionality of the space and to occupant comfort. We can analyse the acoustic performance of a room or open-plan space using proprietary acoustic surface treatments to find a solution a cost-effective solution that meets the project requirements.

Building Services Noise

Though our acedemic merits & experience in noise control solutions for HVAC systems, we can produce detailed acoustic analysis in ducted-airflow systems to ensure acceptable levels of background noise within occupied spaces. We can also provide effective solutions for outdoor noise control. 

Sound Insulation Performance

We boast a unique level of knowledge and expertise regarding the sound insulation performance of separating elemets within office spaces, including glazed partition acoustics, doors, walls and floors. Speech privacy and confidentiality is crucial in any professional configuration which can not be achieved in the absense of good acoustics.