Engineering Acoustics

Specialists in the acoustic design of M&E systems. 

Noise from ventilation systems has become an increasingly pressing topic in recent years, and an onus is now being placed on manufacturers, system designers and contractors to safeguard acceptable internal noise levels for occupant comfort.

Noise from mechanical and electrical equipment can be disturbing, fatiguing and may interfere with the functionality of a space and the productivity of those who occupy it.

Most new building projects in the commercial, educational and healthcare sectors strive for BREEAM, LEED & WELL accreditation’s which are driving the push for sustainability and energy efficiency in modern buildings; part of the green-movement package includes basic requirements for indoor comfort levels which embraces acoustics and noise control as a key component.

iAcoustics have a proven track record for M&E acoustic design consultancy across all sectors and have helped in the design of M&E systems down as low as NR17. Our experience in the studio recording and audio business gives us a unique credibility in designing for the most critical low-noise situations.  

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Some of our Work:

TUD Central & East Quad

Main Contractor: SISK/FCC

iAcoustics provided M&E design consultancy to achieve background noise requirements as low as NR17.

Pembroke Row Developments

Client: Henry J Lyons

Provision of background noise predictions and acoustic enclosure design advise.

Mater Hospital Dublin

Client: Mater Hospital

Full design review of M&E systems and provision of acoustic louvre design advise.  


Concept and Design

Effective noise control starts with careful system selection and an attentiveness to the system layouts. 

Desktop Predictions

We conduct noise transmission calculations through ductwork systems using standardised guidance contained in ISO 12354-5, and the procedures recommended in CIBSE Guide B4 to demonstrate compliance with the project criterion, or to advise on the correct provision for noise mitigation in a cost-effective manner. We provide the tools, knowledge and support needed to help you to achieve a well-balanced ventilation system that is fully compliant with the project criteria.

Acoustic Testing 

iAcoustics conduct background noise testing (dB(A), LAeq, NR) of M&E systems, providing post-completion reports to prove compliance or to recommend cost-effective remediation where necessary.