Environmental Acoustics

Environmental acoustics can become an issue when looking to build or extend a commercial, industrial, leisure or residential facility. Planning permission will be dependent upon meeting the requirements set out in national and international regulations. With our knowledge of acoustics, noise assessment, regulations and advanced computer modelling, we can offer a full package to allow your facility to achieve compliance in respect of any acoustic requirements.


Types of environmental noise

Environmental Noise is an all-encompassing term which, fundamentally, involves the prediction, calculation, regulation and control of noise in the following areas:


  • Road traffic noise
  • Railway Noise
  • Aircraft Noise
  • Mineral, Landfill and Construction
  • Site Noise
  • Wind Farms
  • Entertainment and Leisure Noise
  • Vibration Impact
  • HVAC Noise

Our Services

Noise Mapping

iAcoustics are experienced in using SoundPlan and iNoise modelling software. These platforms enable us to produce visual maps of noise from a variety of sources, including road traffic and industrial noise. A visual noise map is one of the easiest ways to communicate a potential noise impact; we often prepare noise maps for planning applications. 

Noise Monitoring

Baseline noise surveys are generally the starting point for any noise assessment. iAcoustics can deploy up to three noise monitoring stations for both short-term attended, and long-term unattended noise monitoring.    

Noise Impact Assessment

iAcoustics regularly prepare Noise Impact Assessments for a variety of developments including gymnasiums, nightclubs, restaurants and data centres. These assessments are often requried as part of a planning application, or in response to an R.F.I.