Performance Space Acoustics

The primary role of an acoustic consultant in the design of performance spaces is to ensure that the space fulfills its purpose acoustically. That is, for example, exhibition spaces which cater for excellent speech intelligibility between the speaker and the audience, or a music performance hall that preserves the ornateness and aesthetic nature of the performing arts.

Our Services

iAcoustics are specialists in the design of acoustically critical spaces, all in a manner that is cost-effective to the project & easily understood by clients. Having seen past projects through from the early design stage to completion, we have utmost confidence in our ability to predict the acoustic condition of a space before a single brick is placed on-site, informed by specialist acoustic software package CATT-Acoustics

Here are some examples of types of facilities we have worked with in the past:


  1. Hotel chains.
  2. Boutique hotels.
  3. Intimate clubs.
  4. World renowned venues.
  5. Home cinemas.
  6. Multi-plex chains.
  7. Music venues.