Hotel Acoustics

Did you know that the number one source of complaints in hotels worldwide is noise?

Poor acoustic design in hotels can do significant damage to brand reputation, ratings and customer satisfaction, not to mention the health and well-being of guests. No matter how ‘cheap & cheerful’ a hotel or B&B may claim to be, paying guests must always be afforded a restful nights sleep. It has been shown that noise levels inside a bedroom at night exceeding 30dB LAeq can be damaging to health. Careful planning of bedroom layouts tends to go a long way in avoiding noise problems. The design of walls and floors must consider noise transfer between adjacent spaces, the building envelope and glazing specification is also important.  

Our Full-Suite of Services

Concept & Design

For the best results, iAcoustics can be involved in your project from its infancy, advising on all acoustic matters. Early acoustic design input is crucial to ensuring the project achieves compliance in a cost-effective manner.

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Computer Simulations

We will model your separating wall, floor or facade to determine its expected acoustic performance which is compared to the project criteria.


Site Inspection

We will attend site to ensure that critical acoustic details is being constructed as per the design intent. This is an opportunity to ensure that any problems are rectified at a very early stage.


RDD & Reporting

iAcoustics will issue a project-wide RDD report, detailing all key aspects of the acoustic design for review by the project team and other relevant authorities.

On-going Support

We pride ourselves on being responsive, pro-active and diligent in supporting the wider design team on issues that throughout the project.


Pre-completion Testing

We are suitably qualified to carry out on-site testing post-completion, ensuring full-compliance with the acoustic requirements.