Office Acoustics

Creating the right office acoustic environment is essential to foster a positive working climate. But this key element is often overlooked when designing modern offices. iAcoustics can, as part of your design team, advise on the design, layout and fit out of offices so as to ensure the acoustic aspects of the project are considered and successfully implemented. 

Our credibility as a multi-disciplinary acoustic consultancy allows us to offer a fully integrated suite of consultancy services ranging from sound insulation performance, M&E acoustic design, external noise intrusion, open-plan layouts and reverberation control.  

We have an intimate knowledge of BS 8233:2014 Guidance for sound insulation and noise reduction buildings, and we can help to achieve credits for BREEAM, LEED, WELL. 

Some of our Work:

Central Bank of Ireland



United States Embassy, Dublin


Pembroke Row Office Developments, Dublin

Our Services:

Design & Concept

iAcoustics can provide a full suite of acoustic design consultancy services from pre-planning through to concept development & design. We establish acoustic performance critereon for all aspects of acoustic design that is compatable with recognised internaltional standards aand guidelines. 

Room Acoustics

Using advanced ray-tracing software, we blend our theoretical capabilities with experience through the prediction of room acoustic conditions. We can analyse the acoustic performance of a room or open-plan space using proprietary acoustic surface treatments to find a solution a cost-effective solution that meets the project requirements.

Building Services Noise

Though our acedemic merits & experience in noise control solutions for HVAC systems, we can produce detailed acoustic analysis in ducted-airflow systems to ensure acceptable levels of background noise within occupied spaces. We can also provide effective solutions for outdoor noise control. 

Sound Insulation Performance

We boast a unique level of knowledge and expertise regarding the sound insulation performance of separating elemets within office spaces, including glazed partition acoustics, doors, walls and floors. Speech privacy and confidentiality is crucial in any professional configuration which can not be achieved in the absense of good acoustics. 

External Noise & Facade Acoustics

We assess the sound insulation performance of building facades through a combination of field noise survey data and desktop analysis. We can specify acoustic performance properties for glazed and solid facade elements, as well as providing a standardised prcedure for rating and assessing rain noise. 

Acoustic Testing

iAcoustics are suitably qualified to carry out the following tests to confirm compliance:

– Airborne & Impact sound Insulation testing;

– External noise intrusion testing; 

– Building services noise testing (NR); 

– Reverberation Testing. 


Our Clients: