Planning & Development

Planning a new development?

Noise arising from a new development should not adversely impact any nearby noise sensitive locations and it is often necessary to demonstrate specific noise mitigation measures to the planning authority before approval. 

iAcoustics have prepared noise impact reports and statements for successful planning applications across a variety of sectors including retail, leisure & hospitality, heavy industry and transportation.   



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Tramyard Dalkey, Dublin

Opportunity Pavillion, Dubai

Cloughjordan House Wedding Venue

Concept and Design

Good acoustic design is always achieved at the infancy of an architectural project. iAcoustics can help you achieve excellent acoustic results at the concept and initial design phase. 

Noise Mapping

iAcoustics can produce contoured noise maps which can be used to show:

A) How nearby noise sources or transportation networks will affect a site; 

B) The potential impact of a proposed development to its surroundings. 

Environmental Noise Survey

Establishing the in-situ noise environment at a subject site is the benchmark for any noise impact assessment. It sets out the existing conditions by which the new or proposed development is evaluated against and provides an indication to the context in which the development is to be situated. iAcoustics can provide both attended and unattended noise monitoring in accordance with international measurement standards.