Recording and Broadcast Acoustics

By far the most critical of all acoustic spaces are those which are used in the recording & broadcast industries. This sector has been particularly fruitful for iAcoustics over the years since every staff member, past & present, have had some years of experience in the recording and audio industries.

With a lifetime of experience in the field of critical acoustics associated with recording and broadcasting, iAcoustics has worked on some of Europe’s most prestigious facilities . Ranging back to the renowned Windmill Lane Studios in the early 1980’s to the London Olympics Broadcasting Centre and the new Troy Film Studios, iAcoustics has a track record second to none.

Not alone do we know the acoustic requirements for such facilities, we also have an in depth knowledge the production/operation requirements for studios. By marrying such knowledge, iAcoustics can offer a full service for your recording and broadcasting projects. Whether it is a new studio build or updating of current facilities, the unique combination of skills.

Our Work:

Tambourine, Manchester

OnBroadcast, London

Gorilla Post, Dublin

Studio Design

iAcoustics have been involved in countless studio design projects of the years. We can provide drawing and schematics for best in class studio build ups. We designed studio for radio, TV, music and post production

Sound Stage Design

iAcoustics has designed sound stage solutions for TROY studios, Ardmore Studio, and many more sound stage facilities for film production. We know how to create an optimimuim room acoustic and get the sound insultaion correct to avoid rain sounds/noise break in. 

Building Services Noise

Though our acedemic merits & experience in noise control solutions for HVAC systems, we can produce detailed acoustic analysis in ducted-airflow systems to ensure acceptable levels of background noise within occupied spaces. We can also provide effective solutions for outdoor noise control. 

Sound Insulation Performance

We boast a unique level of knowledge and expertise regarding the sound insulation performance of separating elements within studios. Sound insulation can be a big concern if you want a studio in  a residential or shared space. We can ensure a favourable outcome in this regard.