Recording and Broadcast Acoustics

By far the most critical of all acoustic spaces are those which are used in the recording & broadcast industries. This sector has been particularly fruitful for iAcoustics over the years since every staff member, past & present, have had some years of experience in the recording and audio industries.

We propose these three fundamentals in relation to good acoustic design of a critical audio facility:

  1. Controlling the low frequencies;
  2. Achieving high levels of sound insulation;
  3. Ensuring low background noise levels;

It is often the case that a client is forced into working with what they have, be it a small domestic room, or an office at the end of a corridor. It is always possible to improve the acoustic condition of a space, of which we are familiar. We can propose an integrated acoustic solution to fit your needs.

With a lifetime of experience in the field of critical acoustics associated with recording and broadcasting, iAcoustics has worked on some of Europe’s most prestigious facilities . Ranging back to the renowned Windmill Lane Studios in the early 1980’s to the London Olympics Broadcasting Centre and the new Troy Film Studios, iAcoustics has a track record second to none.

Not alone do we know the acoustic requirements for such facilities, we also have an in depth knowledge the production/operation requirements for studios. By marrying such knowledge, iAcoustics can offer a full service for your recording and broadcasting projects. Whether it is a new studio build or updating of current facilities, the unique combination of skills.

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