School & Educational Facility Acoustics

Experts in TGD-021-5 – Acoustic Performance in Schools Guidance Document 

Excellent school acoustics are essential in creating a successful teaching/ learning environment. However this fundamental element is often overlooked when designing schools. Aesthetics, functionality and durability often supersede acoustic issues. But all four can easily be integrated to create the best possible teaching/ learning environment.

In 2013 (rev.2015), the Department of Education published a Technical Guidance Document addressing acoustic conditions in new-build primary and secondary schools. This documents sets out the minimum performance standards for acoustics within school buildings which must be achieved. 

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Our Services:

Design & Concept

iAcoustics can provide a full suite of acoustic design consultancy services from pre-planning through to concept development & design. We establish acoustic performance critereon for all aspects of acoustic design that is compatable with recognised internaltional standards aand guidelines. 

Room Acoustic Modelling

Using advanced ray-tracing software, we can model the acoustic conditions classrooms, P.E. halls and performance spaces to demonstrate compliance with the criteria as outlined in TGD-012-5. Through our technical abilities and experience, we can advise on the most suitable and cost-effective types of acoustic treatment available to you.

Sound Insulation Performance

The airborne & impact sound insulation performance of separating elements such as walls, floors or movable partitions must be appropriately addressed in design and construction to ensure that noise generated in adjacent spaces does not interfere with learning activities. iAcoustics can advise on appropriate buildups and construction guidelines for separating elements. 

Acoustic Testing

Our fully calibrated acoustic testing equipment allows us to verify all acoustic-related performance indicators, including: sound insulation performance, reveberation time & background noise levels. 

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