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Media Facilities

iAcoustics excels in media facility expertise, including recording studios, radio studios, and film studios. Partnered with Smart Studio, they're renowned global recording studio designers, with major projects worldwide.

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Our Service

iAcoustics boasts mastery in media facilities like recording, radio, and film studios. Collaborating with Smart Studio, they've positioned themselves as leading global recording studio designers, showcased by numerous international projects. They've pioneered acoustic designs for prominent film studios in Ireland, including renowned names like TROY and Ardmore studios.

This dynamic partnership combines iAcoustics' expertise with Smart Studio's industry recognition, delivering unparalleled acoustic solutions that redefine the standards for media environments.

Technical Capabilities

  • Acoustic design of Critical Audio Environments
  • Advanced Room Predictive Modelling
  • Auralisation Capabilities
  • Architectural Noise Isolation
  • HVAC Mechanical System Noise Control