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Acoustic Consultants

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iAcoustics are an acoustic consultancy company.  Working with clients in many different industries, iAcoustics have established a reputation as one of the leading acoustic consultancy companies in Ireland. With decades of experience, iAcoustics prides itself on effective communication in a language clients can understand, at any stage of project delivery.

Our unique blend of knowledge and experience combined with our academic qualifications enables us to deliver a service which meets the needs of our diverse customer base from architects to construction companies from national broadcasters to professional recording studios. A practical no-nonsense approach to acoustics is acknowledged and relied upon by a host of professionals across various industries.

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Gym Noise: A Case Study

April 29th, 2020. 

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As acoustic consultants evolve with the times, so do we.  We employ the most modern technologies and equipment for all our testing and monitoring. While we are leading experts on BCAR Part-E building regulations, we are also held in high esteem for our work in office and environmental acoustics.  Our collective experience puts us in an ideal position to tackle the most challenging issues and provide authoritative advice and solutions.

Acoustic Education CPD: (Continual Professional Development)



We have been approved by the RIAI to provide a CPD course on building regulations 2014 Part E – Sound Insulation in residential dwellings including standards, Ancillary Certification, Design, Inspection and Testing.

Discussion on some of the most commonly occurring issues and key complaints from householders, including inside and outside noise and how these are treated (or not) in the regulations. Examines partition types, noise sources, best design and build practices all in relation to sound insulation of room partitions and building facades. It is designed to expand the attendants knowledge in this area.

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