iAcoustic’s Team

Jim Dunne

With over 30 years experience in the field of acoustics ranging from electro acoustics to architectural acoustics, Jim, as senior director of iAcoustics, possess a vast range of knowledge in the field including new build and fit-out projects, education, commercial, industrial, retail and leasure sectors. With a natural flair for management he ensures all projects meet all requirements to a high standard. He has excellent communication skills and builds strong relationships with Clients, Consultants and Stakeholders alike.

Glen Plunkett

Glen joined iAcoustics in May 2018 and has already been involved in significant acoustic projects, with particular merits in assisting in the design of low-noise M&E systems. Glen has been commended on his ability to function within a large design team, resolving key acoustic issues quickly and effectively. Glen is currently undertaking a diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control from the Institute of Acoustics and is planning the design and development of an active HVAC duct attenuator which utilises anti-phase noise technology to mitigate duct-borne noise.

Eoghan Tyrrell

Eoghan Tyrrell has been part of the audio industry for 10 years. His most notable designation is that of M.Phil., Music and Media Technologies, awarded by Trinity College Dublin with a distinction grade. He is currently working towards a post-graduate diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control, after which he will become an associate member of the Institute of Acoustics. Eoghan specialises in the prediction of room acoustic parameters. For such predictions, three-dimensional computer models of a space are created in which physical models are then compiled. Such processes provide estimations on parameters such as reverberation time, speech intelligibility, and spaciousness.