Planning and Environmental Acoustics

iAcoustics has engaged in many acoustic projects from a planning and environmental perspective, working with local authorities, industrial clients, and engaging in other sectors.  

iAcoustic’s acousticians are all members of the Institute of Acoustics and carry out testing in adherence to the following standards:

  • EPA Guidance Note For Noise (NG4),
  • ISO 1996: Acoustics Description and Measurement of Environmental Noise, and
  • BS 4142:2014 Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound.

Typical Services include:

  • Noise Impact Assessment for new developments, industrial facilities, wind farms, power generation facilities, agricultural facilities.
  • Consulting to policymakers and planning authorities
  • Environmental noise measurements
  • Expert Acoustic input for RFI’s from Planning Authorities
  • Continuous noise monitoring and surveys
  • Monitoring and assessment for industrial licencing
  • Noise complaint inquiry and testing
  • Noise pollution examination and mitigation
  • 3D Environmental noise modelling (SoundPLAN software)
  • Noise prediction
  • Expert court witness and testimony for legal disputes

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