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Belmayne Educate Together National School and St. Francis of Assisi National School.

Awarded Under the Rapid Build Schools Programme 2016 -2017 Lot 17 – Department of Education and Skills.

Airborne and impact sound insulation modelling of separating walls and floors were undertaken. We advised on cost-effective ways to achieve the sound insulation requirements by recommending de-coupling techniques which reduced the overall provision of materials.

Room acoustic modelling for rooms to determine the type and quantity of acoustic treatments needed to achieve appropriate reverberation times. We devised a creative solution for acoustic treatments to the sports halls/gp halls which achieved the require acoustic performance but also could withstand impacts.

M&E noise modelling to ensure compliance to internal noise level requirements. Also, external noise modelling was carried out to ensure that impacts to nearby residential dwellings because of operational plant was minimised.

iAcoustics oversaw the complete acoustic design element of the project, including testing upon completion. Attendance at weekly design team meetings throughout the project to ensure that compliance was be achieved with the acoustic requirements.

Fact File:

Completed: 2019

Value: €10.7m

Client: ABM


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