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  • Client: DCC City Architects, Purcell Construction
  • Completed: 2018


iAcoustics provided a full suite of acoustic consultancy on this landmark regeneration project in Dublin’s City Centre, including design, inspection, testing and provision of ancillary certification. Phase 1 of the regeneration of Dolphin House was officially completed in November 2018. The completion of Phase 1 is the first step of an ambitious plan to regenerate the 1950s complex located on the banks of the Grand Canal. This initial phase of a wider masterplan consists of deep retrofitting three existing housing blocks to provide 63 refurbished apartments and providing 37 new build homes, totaling 100 units on the one-hectare site.

The overall area of the development both refurbished and new is 8,450m2. This is the largest retrofit project that has been undertaken by the City Council and is serving as a template for other similarly planned projects.

The existing blocks were upgraded to a high level of acoustic and thermal comfort by insulating the external walls, increasing roof insulation and by installing new highly efficient triple glazed windows.