Grangegorman Lower House

Grangegorman Lower House was actually the ‘GPO’ on the set of the film Michael Collins. The building has been retrofitted to accommodate student areas including a restaurant and music rooms.

High levels of sound insulation were required between noise-generating rooms. Existing chimney flues presented significant challenges concerning flanking noise between floors.

iAcoustics provided a variety of recommendations to treat these flanking paths, ensuring that the sound insulation performance is maximised.

Room acoustic predictions were also carried for rooms throughout the building to predict the reverberation time using a variety of acoustic treatments such as suspended acoustic panels.

The acoustics of a room has a significant effect on the sound of instruments played within it…it is crucial that the room acoustics are just right.

Fact File:

Client:  Grangegorman Development Agency

Expected completion:  Late 2020/Early 2021

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