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Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

iAcoustics have been engaged in numerous aspects of the acoustic design of the Guinness Storehouse, namely the tour areas. In 2017, we were asked to carry out an acoustic study of the Brewing Floor Exhibition area; one of the objectives of this area was to improve visitor experiences by reducing noise levels. We developed a strategy that involved a combination of noise screening and reverberation control, which reduced the background noise levels by about 20dB upon completing the works, which is about four times quieter than what it was initially.

A common complaint from the staff was the vocal strain due to excessively high background noise levels; we have also provided similar noise reduction strategies for all other areas of the Storehouse tour, which has resulted in significantly improved working conditions for employees.  This also enhanced visitor experience owing to the improve speech intelligibility levels that were achieved.

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Client: Diageo

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