Oman Across the ages museum

Oman Across the Ages Museum (OAAM) is a spectacular new Museum approximately 2 hours from Muscat. iAcoustics worked with EventComm to develop an acoustic scheme to enhance the visitor experience and to support the interactive feel of the exhibition. The provision of large, reflective surfaces throughout the hosting space was a specific challenge. The design team needed to find a way of balancing the provision of materials in the space to reduce reverberation time is as far as was practically possible.  


The centrepiece is a large scale video mapped gallery where we will be presenting 5 of Oman’s most iconic buildings, supplemented by a series of interactives using hand tracking, motion control and augmented reality to allow visitors to create digital artworks of their own.

Fact File:

Client:  EventComm, Sultanate of Oman, Royal Court Affairs. 

Status:  In Progress,  Estimated Completion 2020/2021

Image credit: Al Taslim Group