SISK PPP Bundle 1

iAcoustics were appointed as lead acoustic consltanst to SISK for PPP Bundle-1 Social Housing, amounting to 534 units delivered across 6 sites in Dublin, Louth, Kildare and Wicklow. Our invovement stretched from the early design stage righ through to handover. Ambient noise surveys were carried out at each of the site locations which enabled the design team to make informed decisions regarding the acoustic performace of the building envelopes. Dwelling situated near, or facing roads tyically required higher acoustic ratings for glazing, which also ensured that the project requiremenst for Internal Ambient Noise Levels could be achieved.


iAcoustics were present thougout the detailed design stage and carried out regular site inspections to ensure that all dwellings were being constrcuted in accordance with the intedned acoustic scheme. Acoustics testing was carried out in accrodance with Part-E of the Building Regulations 2014 to demonstrate complaince with the acoustic separation requiremenst between dwellings.

Fact File:

Client:  SISK