Residential Acoustics

Planning a residential development near a noisy road, airport or railway line? 

iAcoustics have ample experience in the residential sector, having been involved in large scale projects from the tender stage, through to the design stage and on to inspection and testing since 2001.

iAcoustic can assist at the planning stage to assess potential noise impact.

The company’s involvement in projects from start to finish provides unique credibility in Part-E compliance and adept ability to function as part of a wider design team.

iAcoustics is highly commended for its simple and understandable approach to acoustic design.

Every residential project is different. Some include unique client specifications that are surplus to the requirements of Part-E of the Building Regulations. iAcoustics critical understanding of building materials sounds flanking paths & junction detailing gives clients confidence in finding an integrated acoustic solution to any problem.

Typical Services include: 

  1. Acoustic assessments for SHD’s and High-density Residential
  2. Acoustic design for residential developments, student accommodation, historic buildings
  3. Airborne and Impact Sound Insulation Testing (ISO 16283)
  4. CATT Acoustics Room Acoustic Modelling
  5. TGD Part E (Sound) Design, Assessment and Acoustic Ancillary Certifier
  6. Investigation and identification of causes of test failures
  7. Soundproofing Protected Structures

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