Noise impact assessment.

A noise impact assessment may well be required to measure any potential noise increases as part of the planning process. Planning a new development? Are you seeking planning retention? iAcoustics measure current sound levels and use specific calculations to determine how a new development will impact environmentally.  We also offer help in designing integrated acoustic solutions to potential problems that have not arisen yet.

The safety, health, and welfare at work regulations


The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Regulations 2007, Chapter 5: Control of Noise at Work, define the workplace noise exposure limits for a worker in the Republic of Ireland. The limit is based on the daily exposure to noise LEP,d over a typical 8-hour workday. The regulations define the lower, upper and limit exposure action levels, each of which (when exceeded by an employee) require an employer to take specific actions in order to reduce an employee’s daily noise exposure to acceptable levels.

The lower action level is 80 dB(A) over 8-hours.

The upper action level is 85 dB(A) over 8-hours.

The exposure limit level is 87 dB(A) over 8-hours.

Our Service

  • Measurement of employee noise exposure levels
  • Consultancy on individual noise exposure
  • Assessment of risks
  • Design and layout of employee workstations to reduce noise exposure
  • Noise reduction techniques, barriers and screening
  • Training on personal hearing protection
  • Compliance with the Noise at Work Regulations