Noise Monitoring

Construction noise monitoring | Entertainment noise monitoring

Whether you are planning for a new development, improving an existing development or trying to solve and/or prevent a noise-related issue, a baseline noise survey is a must. Environmental noise monitoring is the measurement of a noise caused by transport (road, rail or traffic), industry, commercial and events. 

Our Services


Construction Noise Monitoring – Under the provisions of the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992,  it is necessary to ensure that noise emissions from open construction sites are controlled. We can provide long-term noise monitoring services to ensure that compliance is achieved.

Baseline Noise Monitoring – iAcoustics have 4 fully calibrated and traceable sound level measurement kits which we regularly deploy for a wide range of noise monitoring tasks. When making any judgement about the impact of noise on a particular area, building or group of people, it is necessary to understand the context of the noise environment by taking a measurement.

Event Noise Monitoring – We are specialists in noise management at open-air events. Every year, we are asked to attend the countries largest music and sporting events to provide a combination of noise monitoring and consultancy services to ensure that noise emissions are kept to within an established licence agreement, whilst maintaining maximum croud satisfaction.