Acoustic Testing Services

iAcoustics are some of the most experienced sound insulation testers in Ireland. We have worked on many high profile developments over the years, and pride ourselves on our strong relationships with  clients. Expect an efficient service from our qualified acoustic consultants,  using the most up to date equipment.  We conduct all testing according to standards outlined in the part e building regulations.

The negative effects of poor sound insulation: We are all only too well aware of the negative effects which poor sound insulation can have on our health and on Society in general recent.

Research has shown that the levels of noise within domestic dwellings has increased by 6 decibels being subjected to unwanted noise disturbance is a source of considerable stress and with the problem built into the building at the construction stage the resolution of such issues will involve considerable disruption and expense. Identifying such problems at pre-completion stage is essential, with the only conclusive way of doing so being to undertake acoustic testing.

Signing compliance in relation to party sound without taking the appropriate tests is not recommended.

Our Services

  • Building Regulations Part-E testing
  • Reverberation testing
  • Background noise testing (M&E)
  • Internal noise testing (dB(A), LAeq)
  • Fully calibrated and traceable equipment
  • Easy-to-read reports
  • Quick turnaround
  • Members of the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) 
  • Testing according BREEAM requirements
  • On-site solutions to building challenges relating to sound insulation