Environmental Acoustics ➡


acoustic consultants on a windfarm
  • Noise Impact Assessments;
  • Environmental Noise Directives;
  • Noise Prediction;
  • 3D Environmental noise modelling;
  • Wind Farm Noise Assessments; 

Building Acoustics ➡


acoustic consultants dublin
  • CATT Acoustics Room Modelling;
  • Acoustic design; 
  • M&E systems;
  • Sound Insulation Testing;
  • TGD Part E (Sound)  Certifier;

Planning and Noise ➡


acoustic consultants dublin
  • Planning RFIs; 
  • Noise monitoring;
  • Noise complaint/ Pollution; 
  • 3D Environmental noise modelling; 
  • Expert court witness;

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Managing Director, Senior Acoustic Consultant

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Residential Developments

Commercial Acoustics

Education Facilites Acoustics

Acoustic design for Sound Stages, Cinemas, Music Venues, Auditoriums, Concert Halls, Postproduction suites, recording studios, TV / Radio Studios

Healthcare Acoustics

Acoustic design for hospitals, primary care centres, audiology facilities, laboratories 

Industrial Acoustics

M&E Noise Attenuation design; Licencing;

Hospitality & Hotel Acoustics

Acoustic design (Fáilte Ireland Spec); Restaurants; Sound Insulation modelling; M&E Noise Design; CATT Acoustics Room Acoustic Modelling;